U.S. Refractory Products mission is to be the leader in the precast monolithic ceramic industry. Started at the low point of the U.S. recession in 2009, USRP understands how to generate customer value in today’s competitive landscape. Hard work, integrity, dedication, pride, creativity and innovation are all qualities we build into each of our products.

USRP works everyday to understand our customer’s needs and the role our products play in our customer’s operation. We strive to form collaborative partnerships by investing time and resources to identify and understand:

  • Specific areas of importance to our customer? No two situations are the same.
  • What are the points of pain to our customer and how we can eliminate?
  • What are the sources of value to our customer, and how we can enhance them?

Our team places special emphasis on customer service. We are driven by your satisfaction and will guarantee your company the best products and support in the industry. We take a multi-pronged approach to reducing your cost per ton of product produced:

  • Industry-leading product design
  • Diagnostic, solutions-focused engineering capabilities
  • Innovative castable solutions
  • Best-in-class customer service

Located in the Cleveland, Ohio area, USRP is centrally located to cost-effectively support the steel and metal manufacturing industries in the U.S. and Canada. Because of our engineering, fabrication, and castable blending is performed in-house by our seasoned team, we are able to control all processes of our operation to bring consistently high quality, just-in-time products to our customers:

  • Three building campus houses all of our manufacturing and warehousing on 6 acres
  • State-of-the-art curing capable of 2,000F with pre-programmable cycle controls customizable to any specification
  • In-house blending yields consistent mix quality every time
  • Innovative casting process to create even castable distribution
  • Fabrication depth to produce quick-turn, customized applications and precision, high-volume standard items
  • Full line machining operation
  • Institutionalized product development process driven to continuous flow of new products and enhancements

Our Sales and Service team members have extensive mill operations experience to help:

  • Improve the longevity and productivity of your refractory products
  • Reduce your inventory
  • Respond quickly to “hot” rush requirements

We welcome the opportunity to serve your refractory needs, and demonstrate first-hand how USRP can generate immediate incremental value from your refractory products.